"When you have trained to participate, you are ready to learn ..." Ivan Moreno (Teacher)


Competa Municipal Heated Pool is the pioneer in Axarquia to use biomass as combustible.

A heating system through Biomass (peel, olive pits ...). so it can be considered an environmental balance is maintained.

It was inaugurated in 2007, by Mayor of Villa José Luis Torres Gutiérrez and began its operation in summer 2008.

It has dimensions of 25x12 meters, with 400 cubic meters of water and a maximum depth of 210 cm and a minimum of 145 centimeters.

The municipal swimming pool whose mission complements the various sporting disciplines that already exist in the municipality. Powered by the Municipal Council through campaigns, swimming, sports activity among schoolchildren.

It has a capacity of 104 people and is open throughout the year.



BACK SCHOOL: The back school is a health education program designed especially for people with back problems, collective predisposed to suffer or users interested in prevention. Back school, includes transmitting, postural, hygiene standards and knowledge on the functioning of the back. For more information contact the reception of the pool itself.








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