"An open book is a brain speaking;

closed a friend waiting;

forgotten, a soul that forgives;

destroyed, a heart that cries ".

Hindu proverb



The word library comes from the Greek words biblion (books) and teak (deposit or cash), despite its etymology, a library is not a piece of furniture or a building for storing books, but a collection of books properly classified and sorted, for reading and public consultation, especially students, researchers and book lovers.


Since 1981, Cómpeta had a Municipal Library. Anyone who wants can have access to this free service. Today you can find in the Library 10,000 books and magazines on different subjects. The fundamental tasks that justify the existence of a library collection is to train, organize and put into service. The library aims to provide its users with access to the documents information.


In the Municipal Library, you can find books on any area of ​​knowledge, made available to the public so they can consult or borrow them. Users have a spacious room, equipped with tables and chairs, and the assistance of a librarian (library staff).


In turn, it also has a special department where the public can access Internet, digitized books, digital encyclopedias, etc.



Calle San Antonio # 60

Telfn: 952 55 36 84

HOURS: Monday to Friday from 16 to 20 hours.





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