“Youth is the moment to study wisdom; old age, is to practice” Jean Jacques Rousseau"


The Area of Youth is the department of the Town Hall in Competa which works for and with the young ones. Promoting a wide range of leisure possibilities, as well as training and advice in all of the areas of interest for young people. For this we have the following classes and offices:

*Centre of Youth Information. Its principle function is to inform, direct and invigorate the young ones of the locality about themes of interests. Also from the same area of youth guide the young ones, both in its classes and its programming of the youth activities. It has its headquarters in the Town Hall.

* Centre of Leisure and Free Time for Young ones. Its function is invigorate and provide for the youth a place of leisure and free time where they can meet, study, gain access to new technology and play games.


* Youth Advice. Its function is to plan and evaluate activities and events relating to the youth of the Municipality.








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