“We all have our house, which is our private home; and the town, which is our public home”. Enrique Tierno Galván




         The Municipal Delegation of Urban Planning is one of the municipal areas with the most technical and administered transactions, jobs that include the licences for work (large or small). Also the opening licences, to set up and open a business, passing and inspecting technically the building, the requirements of decoration and security. And also inspections of fincas. Likewise, in this area you are able to consult the most up to date local General Plan.

         The Municipal Department of Urban Planning in Cómpeta is an instrument for Town Hall proceedings, which manages the  municipal competition for materials in Urban and Construction work.


 Main Functions of this Area:

Elaboration, and follow up controls for fulfilling the planning obligations, relating to the Urban Municipal Plan:

  • General Plan of Town and Country Planning.
  • Plans - Partial.
  • Studies in Detail.
  • Projects for Change of Management Systems
  • Projects for Division of Land.
  • Official Municipal Buildings.

- Information for the issues relating to licenses.

  • Licenses Major Works.
  • Licenses Minor Works.
  • Licenses Division.
  • Licenses for Occupation/Use.

- Inception and processing of applications, derived from the commission of urban regulations.

  • Following up of, “Expedientes Sancionadores”, (Fines)
  • Following up of “Expedientes de Restitución de la Legalidad Urbanística Infringida”. (Legal Action)

- Regulation of all in relation with the opening and set up of every type of business establishment.

  • Licenses of Opening for establishments and business. (Activities Classified according to Law 7/2007).
  • Change of Title for establishments.

- Writing and presentation of Projects for Municipal Works (urban work in streets, parks and gardens, pedestrian areas, municipal buildings…).

- Emission of certificates and municipal reports relating to: Age of buildings, Urban legality, Urban information, Deadlines, etc…



Processing Urban Licenses.

The documents necessary for obtaining the corresponding License of works depending on the type of work (major or minor) that is realized, duly attaching all documents, attached in the applications (annex).

Before any doubt in whatever type of work (major or minor), do not hesitate to get in touch with this department.

The applications can be downloaded for completion in (format Word):





The cost to obtain the corresponding Works Licenses are:

  • Cost for processing and granting the license: (2% of the quote for the work).

  • Taxes for Construction: (2,4% of the quote for the work).

  • Taxes for Occupation of the Public right of way: (1% of the quote for the work).applicable in the Urban Area and other zones of occupation.

  • Taxes for License of First occupation (1,5% of the value of the work, approved by the municipal technician after inspection).

 (*)The of the quote for the work is regulated by the scale of values used by the Official College of  Málaga for Architects.


Processing an Opening License.

The documents necessary to obtain the corresponding License of opening depends on the type of activity under development according to the Law 2/2007 GICA. You must attach the documents that are displayed in the application annex.

If you have any doubts about things in relation to this activity, do not hesitate to contact the department.



Web links.


Legislation of interest.

  • Law on Urban Planning of Andalusia (LOUA).
  • Subsidiaries Standards Provincial level. (Nn.SS)
  • Municipal Building Ordinance.
  • Spatial Plan of Axarquia. (Potax)






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