"Citizen participation is a key action in the development of sensitive humans"


Social Services form a part within the political area of Social Wellbeing, and is one of the instruments most efficient in guaranteeing the attention of social necessities and to help promote citizen equality.

Before the continuous transformations of the social reality we intend to take on board wholly the social needs of individuals and groups, offering possible solutions which avoid or help the process of marginalization. Through the Municipal Social Services, we favor autonomy, the participation and the full and free development of persons and groups within society, this is the  way we hope to develop our community.

 The Municipal Centre for Social Services


The Municipal Centre for Social Services (CMSS) depends on The “Excellent Provincial Diputación of Málaga”, which is a vital organ for us. Integrated centrally by human resources, technical, financial and material, through which we manage and coordinate the corresponding programs. Offering information, evaluation, diagnosis and orientation to the population about rights, recourses and social interventions that correspond to their needs; we proportion service and help in the home, housing help, economic loans and social emergency; we intervene to obtain social incorporation and we realize preventative actions in situations of risk and social necessity for the whole population. Furthermore we train volunteers in social cooperation.



Avda. de la Constitución 13- 1ª Floor


Telephone for general information /appointments: 952 51 60 06







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