“Cómpeta I have crossed all the oceans of the world to know that I can´t live without you”

The “Padrón” of inhabitants is the registry which accredits residency and the place of citizens within the municipality for administrative purposes.

Every person that lives in Spain is obliged to register in the Padrón of the Municipality where they have their main residence. Those who live in more than one municipality must register where they spend most time during the year.

The Department of Stadistics in Cómpeta manages all the information relating to inhabitants of the village. Situated in the Town Hall, downstairs, citizens can register and obtain certificates of the “pardon”.

Those residing in Cómpeta for a period superior to six months,  should register.


Documentation needed for this registration:



1.    Photocopy of  National  Identity Document.

2. “Escritura” title deeds of home or hire contract.


European Union Residents:

1.    Photocopy of N.I.E. and passport.

2. “Escritura” title deeds of home or hire contract.


From the start of the RD 240/2007, about entrance, free circulation and residency in Spain the citizens of the European Union member states. And other states with an agreement regarding Economic European Space, the inscription in the Central Register of foreigners is obligatory, that is to say, all those who have a NIE. Must register.


For this reason the National Institute of Stadistics, is sending the Town Hall the names of persons from the UE who must confirm that they live in Cómpeta. There are approx. some 700 persons. From here we pray that the people in the Town Hall can confirm that all is correct or make a confirmation of residency.


* Those who are without authorization of permanent residency must renovate periodically, each two years, their inscription according to the Law 7/1985.

All persons Spanish and Foreign Residents who are “empadronadas” or registered: within the Municipal District of Cómpeta when you change house or address you are required to come to the Town Hall and make the official change showing title deeds of your home or hire contract.


To register births, deaths or marriages, this is realized in the “Juzgado de Paz de Cómpeta”, (Justice of the Peace), in C/ San Antonio Nº 1, you do not have to do anything in the Town Hall, because the Justice of the Peace will inform the Town Hall of births and deaths. For marriages yes, you must inform us of any change in address.











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