“Ability is what permits us to do certain things. Motivation determines how go about that. Attitude how we do”. Lou Holtz


The Operational Services of the Town Hall in Cómpeta includes a lot of workers and the Councilor for Infra structures, Green Zones, Cleaning and Painting, all this dedicated to the maintenance and embellishment of the locality. It is for this that we are able to say that the Operational Services of the Town Hall in Cómpeta is where they "the village is made".


The workers of this service are distributed in the following departments:


  • Fast Intervention.
  • Services ( Carpentry, Locksmiths, Plumbing, Maintenance General and Painting ).
  • Water Supply.
  • Works.
  • Electricity Service.
  • Green Zones.
  • Cleaning.
  • Mobile Unit.



During the year there are also other personnel, persons who are registered in the “Oficina de Empleo” or in the “Bolsa de Empleo”, at the Town Hall who work temporarily for the Town Hall.





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