“For what little it costs, we always estimate less”

Miguel de Cervantes


The Service of Fee Collection is in charge of the whole internal Management of the fees, taxes and public prices and other income from public rights of the Town Hall of Cómpeta.

This Department, which you can find located on the ground floor of the Town Hall, also processes the fines relating to selling in the street, breeches of health and hygiene regulations, and abandoned vehicles…

The principal list of our Services is Related to:


  • Taxes for Households in urban / rustic (IBI).
  • Taxes for Mechanical Vehicles  (Circulation)
  • Fee for permanent no parking disc.(Garage entrance)
  • Fees for Municipal Cemetery Space.
  • Taxes for Increase in Land Value (Plusvalía).
  • Taxes for Economic Activities (IAE).
  • Taxes for Construction and Building.
  • Taxes Sewer and Water supply and Rubbish collection.
  • Taxes for private use or special use of the Public way.
  • Fines for Traffic Related Issues…



This Department, is also responsible for permissions, the management and fee collection relating to Bee keeping, and Hunting and Grazing, Collection of Aromatic Plants in the Natural Park Sierra Tejeda y Almijara, also the writing of Local Emergency Plans in case of Forest Fires.





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