"Progress and development are impossible if one follows the other doing things just we have always done."

Dyer, Wayne W. 


The area of Promotion and Local Development at the Town Hall of Cómpeta, is responsible for encouraging Active Policy following a pathway of training, employment and advice for the creation and consolidation of business fabrication in the municipality of Cómpeta. 

Our objective is to achieve active collaboration with the citizens of the Village in search of improvement and employment. Also to proportion adequate training to assist the smooth insertion within the labor market, also offering an advice service for management of business available to local citizens, and promoting in proportion a per capita inversion to render benefit for Cómpeta.

This area of action for development follows through the following fundamental lines such as:

  • Employment
  • Training
  • Business Advice.

The distinct aims of this area are:


  • Exploration of resources idle or under used for the generation of employment in the rural field.
  • Diffuse and stimulate the potential opportunities for creation of activities for the unemployed, promotion and learning, this is how our institutions collaborate. 
  • Technical Aid in business projects and management consolidation where business is generating new employment.
  • Bring about municipal projects for development, in such a way that the infrastructure created strengthens the business group.
  • Development of training for the unemployed as a whole.









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